2. 5. 2021 0 Comments

Status Report

During last month we were working on adding first type of mining into the game, that is salvaging of debris. This is intended to be a early game activity and will give..

8. 4. 2021 0 Comments

Open testing

Greetings to the community! we have decided to share a dev with you. version of the game NEO: Commanders completely publicly for the purpose of improving..

4. 4. 2021 0 Comments

Status Report

Hello Everyone ! We are currently working on bringing some life into the game. Namely adding rudimentary quest system and game progression along with differentiating..

1. 3. 2021 0 Comments

New update! Azulgar 0.43

Ship editor now uses building parts from new resource system. We have also reworked and improved most of the editor features. Hopefully providing more streamlined and..

9. 2. 2021 0 Comments

Multiplayer on the way!

Greetings pilot, your drone awaits your orders! Have you overcome many obstacles with your drone and do you like challenges? Until today you could have played..

1. 2. 2021 0 Comments

New update! Azulgar 0.42

We added new sectors in to the game. Namely: Earth, Venus, Ganymede and Saturn. It was our long time plan and was necessery to implement before moving..

10. 1. 2021 0 Comments

Support for people with color blindness

We have decided to add support for people with color blindness which is the decreased ability to see color or differences in color.

3. 1. 2021 0 Comments

Status Report

We have decided that starting year 2021, we will be posting status report every 1st of the month. Potential game update will be released alongside status reports.

28. 12. 2020 0 Comments

Captains come to the battlefield!

Be a healthy warrior, we have great news for your war machine! Your empire will be newly enriched by captains.

26. 12. 2020 0 Comments

Cybershift released!

It’s time to go to the neon world where you’re going to be pulled into various scenes as a bot. This will test your patience and endurance of your keyboard and computer.