When Tomáš Pšenička, who previously worked in Keen Software House company, saw potential in young and vulturous team led by Alexandr Szeiner, he decided to join them. So they founded Lusorion Creatives s.r.o. Company dealing with game development. Later Alexandr took over the leadership of the whole company and enriched it by another published projects after renaming it to SZEINER s.r.o.

“ We are creating original games since 2017, but the idea of our studio dates back to the year 2008. Our mission is to produce new unique experience in gaming. Our goal is also to give an opportunity to the young developers who are interested in games and software development. ”

As time went on, we managed to create interesting game titles both visually and in terms of the game experience on which we are actively working. Our goal is not to create a large number of projects, but to develop a stable background and gradually achieve their visibility and expansion to other countries by maintaining released updates and thorough communication with the gaming community across social networks.

Currently, our company is formed by very skilled developers, but also by those who have decided to help us in this effort and have their own projects, for which they gain rich experience in our team. If you want to become a member of our wonderful team and you have a determination like us – not to give up anything, check out our CAREER page.There you will find more information on how to join us. We look forward to work together to build a shared dream, because “where there is a will, there is a way”!


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Jul 09

NEO: Commanders

NEO: Commanders

Launch of the first version of the strategy game NEO: Comanders on the STEAM platform!

Dec 16

Cybershift on Steam!

Cybershift on Steam!

Release of the fun game Cybershift on the STEAM platform!

Apr 12


A new era for our company is beginning. It was renamed from Lusorion Creatives to SZEINER. Development has started.

Aug 31

Azulgar: Star Commanders

Azulgar: Star Commanders

The release of the first version of the Legends of Azulgar star simulator on the STEAM platform is now known as Azulgar: Star Commanders, which we are working hard on.

Feb 16

We are born!

Establishment of Lusorion Creatives s.r.o. Alexander Szeiner, Tomáš Pšenička and a group of enthusiastic developers. Our common dreams started to come true.