Life is a Game...

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You do not become a player, you are born a player…

When your heart started beating, that’s when your game starte

Our Products

When creating games, we focus mostly on a unique gaming experience, intense gameplay and breathtaking graphics.

But it is best to judge by yourself…


Azulgar: Star Commanders

Azulgar: Star Commanders is a Sci-Fi open world sandbox game that puts you in a command of your own custom made space ship. Explore aftermath of the Azulgar event that reshaped the face of the solar system.

NEO: Commanders

NEO: Commanders

NEO: Commanders is an online strategy game with RPG elements. In NEO, you became a famous commander who leads his spaceships fleet to the fight over galactic supremacy. You could also build your own space stations.



Cybershift brings a neon-lit new world, strikingly reminiscent of the legendary Tron series, test your reflexes and abilities to the maximum, defeat all opponents, solve all the puzzles and win in this unique Puzzle game.

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SZEINER studio

We are a software develompent company based in Czech Republic and founded by a team of software enthusiasts.

We are creating original games since 2017, but the idea of our studios dates back to the year 2008. Our mission is to produce new unique experience in gaming. Our goal is also to give an opportunity to the young developers who are interested in games and software making.



Legends Of Azulgar (today: Azulgar: Star Commanders) was nominated as the Czech Game of the year 2016.