1. 2. 2021

New update! Azulgar 0.42

We added new sectors in to the game. Namely: Earth, Venus, Ganymede and Saturn. It was our long time plan and was necessery to implement before moving forward to mining and giving players ability to do permanent changes to the world, like building stations. You can travel between them via warp gates. At the moment the sectors don’t differ from each other in content, only in celestial body in the background. But this will be changed when resource mining comes to the game. Along with future expansions to other, possibly proceduraly generated alien sectors.

Most of the time since last update we spent upgrading the networking code to improve performance. In the old version all the players were synchronized with each other all the time. Synchronization interval between players in one sector is now based on distance and players in other sectors are not synchronized at all. This will allow for many more players on the server.

We also added interface for ship’s inventory and new ship building parts and resources. At the moment all you can do with them is drop them into space in cargo pods and pick them up again. Editor still works with the old system, where the idea was that the ship’s chassis will be build with structure parts and every other module would have to be crafted by itself. But this seems a bit too tedious and inconsistent, so we decided to move to a new system. More about that with improved editor in the next update !

Download new version of Server Application

Release Notes:

  • Added new sectors (Earth, Venus, Ganymede & Saturn)
  • Added inventory and basic resources
  • Added cargo pods (ejecting items from inventory)
  • Networking code has completely been reworked
  • World is only downloaded once on first connection (subsequent connections are faster)
  • Players are synchronized based on distance, players in different sectors are not synchronized at all (allows more players on server)
  • Portal player spawn on other side collision fix