28. 12. 2020

Captains come to the battlefield!

Be a healthy warrior, we have great news for your war machine! Your empire will be newly enriched by captains, who will supply the chosen vessels, but also ships in its circle with unprecedented bonuses.

You will be able to recruit captains for your empire in the military center. These captains will be fully loyal to you, and if it happens that the ship from which they give instructions is destroyed, they will be evacuated to your military center, from where you will be able to place them again on the appropriate vessel from which they will strengthen your empire.
Each captain gradually improves in combat thanks to the number of destroyed vessels and thus strengthens his abilities to a higher level, so it is advisable to strive for their longest life on the battlefield.

However, each admiral must be careful, despite the experience of the captains, they may be captured by another ship captain who has the ability to capture. In this case, the player’s captain is like a prisoner on an enemy vessel until the vessel is destroyed and the captain can escape back to his fleet.

Captains skills:

  • HP Ship Regeneration
  • Shield regeneration
  • Increased weapon damage
  • Reduced weapon damage
  • Capture the captains
  • And other interesting bonuses that will surprise you

TIP: On the battlefield, it is very convenient to combine certain captains with each other to strengthen their abilities and lead the fleet to victory.