24. 7. 2021

NEO: Commanders Live!

Greetings Admiral, we have prepared your war seat, from which you will be able to command an army, explore the universe, conquer planetary systems and conquer alien civilizations.

In the NEO universe, you have the opportunity to completely design the technological design of your own fleet and then create these vessels with the help of your technicians. Thanks to this you can come up with a literally unlimited number of vessel designs for offensive and defensive techniques.

In addition to the possibility of choosing your own name for the vessels, you have following options to improve them:

– Type of ship
– Armor
– Potory
– Guns
– Support systems – including shields

However your vessels will not be alone, you have the opportunity to hire command captains, who you will place on some of your chosen vessels and thus they will be strengthened, but also vessels in their vicinity according to the strength of their influence.

In addition to this bonus, during the fighting and according to the tasks performed, the ships gain experience and are gradually promoted. It also increases their own abilities and you have the opportunity to train the elite army during the fighting.

In the process, because you are one of the admirals who carries out the orders of the emperor, you must, of course, divert some of the raw materials you accumulate, for which you will receive a reward in the form of ships sent for support from the emperor, which attacks your enemies under his leadership.

What can you look forward to in the near future?

– UI Customizing – Create better UI for best gameplay
– Multiplayer – Cooperation with other admirals
– MMO Universe – Big online world for massive battles!
– Scene editor – Design of your own battlefields
– Galactic battle mode – Conquering the galaxy
– Technology Research – Research technologies that you use not only in combat
– Release on mobile platform
– And many more updates!

Where we inspired??

Keep in mind that NEO is a tough strategy game for tough strategy commanders inspired by games like Starcraft, Hommeworld, EvE Online and is constantly evolving.

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