Status Report May 2019


May 20th, 2019
Status Report – January – May 2019

As we have just uploaded our major update 0.17, I would like to make some overview of current game development.
This update was crucial as we went from prototype to functional version of our animation system. It allows us to control several types of characters starting with their movement, interaction, combat up to multiple crafting functions. It also includes sound connections to each action character is performing.
As I have mentioned sounds – you will see, or better say hear, now sounds – especially when running on different surfaces. New sounds were added to swimming and other actions as well.

As previous update .16 was focused on Hardcore play – we have now data for minimal loot needed to survive in jungle environment. Really thanks to all testers and streamers for testing it!!!
In current .17 version players have now possibility to choose from Softcore or Hardcore settings. Hardcore setting still keeps minimal loot, where Softcore has loot up to tripled.

Last month were also not only about programming. We done a lot of from management work, financial planning, taxes. Also we have participated on marketing and public relation events.

The Indie Gamer Magazine brought 4 pages interview with me about AreaZ game development.

We had about 1 hour lecture about Game Development on Anime days in Bratislava in April 2019 brought to you by magazine.

On May 24th – 26th we will present our game on Game Access Conference in Brno Czech republic as part of Indie Expo. We will meet and join other game professionals and investors. As May 26th is open to general public – I would like to invite all who would like to see and play our game.

For the future development we are currently working on throwables such as spear, boomerang or even stones and bananas :D . Also we are implementing bow shooting.
You can see first tests if you are following our social media.

Also we would finally like to rework the swamp area – to make it more interesting and to improve collisions and FPS.

We decided to release Early Access only after tutorials, hint system and mission are implemented. Anyway you can play or better said test the current build already if you support our development via preorder.

Thank you for your support.

Juraj (Duro Bulo) Bachar
AreaZ Game Developer