3. 2. 2019

New update! Azulgar 0.4

Azulgar is not dead, it’s undead. It will keep coming back.

It took us 16 months what we originally planned for 4 months. We stayed silent, because there was no point in promising a date that we didn’t even know would come. So we decided to work on it until it is finished and prove it with results not words. First we moved to a new version of unity. Then we had to rework a lot of internal features (again) to work with multiplayer. And after that, the multiplayer itself took 8 months. It has been too long, longer than we had hoped for, but it is here.

Multiplayer is in. We are releasing standalone Server Application for Azulgar, that can generate its own world and run the server code. It can be downloaded directly from our website (link below) or you can find it in your Azulgar installation directory packaged as Azulgar Server.zip. To connect to a server you have to manually fill in the public IP. Your server has to have appropriate port forwarding set in order to function. IP that is filled in by default in the game is our server located in central Europe. Its player limit is currently set to 24, maximum possible player limit that can be set for your server is 64.

We didn’t test such high player numbers and in this first iteration we doubt it will work smoothly. This is the first rough version and there are plenty of optimizations and improvements ahead of us like: list of public servers, NAT hole punching, performance and player synchronization improvements.

Our game is still not in a state that we would consider “fun to play”, but we added minigun into the game, so you can at least shoot at each other. Various other parts of the game have seen rework and improvements too (world generation, ship controller, UI, map, graphics, music). This version is what we wanted to have a year ago.

So what’s next ? Next update will focus on weapons. Adding guided missiles, shields, energy guns, minigun overheating, etc. Along with improving server application and multiplayer experience itself. We are a couple of people working on this project in our own free time. Which has its advantages and disadvantages. Development is slow, but we will not stop. We won’t be setting up any dates for the next update, but it is definitely going to be much sooner than this one.

Even if it didn’t seem like it, we go trough every feedback, suggestion and bug report. So we will be happy if you leave us any kind of feedback on our forums or on steam. Thanks !

https://discord.gg/kUzaEj updated


Server App: