3. 2. 2019

New update! Azulgar 0.41

New update for Azulgar is here !

We have added shields and three new weapons into the game. Guided Missiles, that follow locked target. Plasma Gun, which is a short range beam weapon with bonus against shields. And a Rail Gun, which is a long range sniping weapon with high reload time. Minigun has also been tweaked and now uses overheating mechanism. Shields create a protective bubble around ship, that takes energy upon damage based on shield’s ratio. There have also been several other tweaks and bugfies. Full List at the end.

So what’s next ?
Resource gathering and crafting update. See you soon !

Release Notes:

  • Key action mapping added to options
  • Added new weapons (Missile Launcher, Rail Gun, Plasma Gun)
  • Added shields (take energy instead of damage)
  • Added shooting indicator for minigun (other weapons dont need it)
  • Added bottom action panel to activate/deactivate weapons & shields
  • Minigun now has overheat mechanism (along with Plasma Gun)
  • Railgun and Missile Launcher use reload mechanic
  • Added ship camera zoom with right mouse click
  • Ship camera follow distance can be changed with mouse wheel
  • Split Autopilot and Free Look into two separate actions
  • Shipyard entrances (Hangars) shown in Ship HUD
  • Ship HUD markers colorized based on faction (Players are green)
  • Ship HUD markers scale with distance
  • Ship module stat balances