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What is Run?

Run is a project aimed at creating a program for mediating on-line communication between clients on the basis of Unity3D under the conditions of maintaining compatibility with Mono runtime and the possibility to run Run as a server application on both Windows and Linux or MacOs.

Run server is based on Unity Unet. For communication with MySQL, Run uses the official Connector/Net driver for MySQL.

Run is distributed as a standalone executable server application and a .dll library with service scripts for client deployment under Unity3D .


Run server is being developed by SZEINER Software company since 2017.



RUN Community

Security standards

Run uses AES encryption for communication between the client and the server. AES key is distributed over the network using Diffie Helman key exchange. Each client uses Its own separate AES key for even higher security!

For savings of data Run uses MySQL. To verify passwords in MySQL, Run can validate MD5HASH and Bcrypt(Of course even unencrypted).

Server Settings are stored on internal storage drive. All server settings are stored in the binaries files and for higher security data are encrypted in AES encryption.

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