World of Castles


Studio: Hammer Games
Genre: Creative, Independent, Strategy, Early Access, 
Platforms: Windows
Modes: SinglePlayer, Multiplayer
Release Date: 9/2017

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World of Castles is a medieval themed online action-strategy game, featuring unique combinations of modular castle construction, taking siege to other player castles, and commanding marshals who themselves lead armies that number in the hundreds.

We want to clarify why this game is being released in early access instead of using crowdfunding. One reason is that it introduces players to the basic mechanics of the game early on, allowing the community share ideas for improvement while the game is still being developed. Although we are a small team, we have worked diligently on this project for almost three years and still have a long road ahead of us until we can expand our development team to speed things up. So please be patient as we continue to improve the game and add new features. We want to deliver the final project as fast as possible, but we also want to ensure it is polished and optimized. We believe feedback from early access is the best way to ensure a quality final product.

Current state

- unlimited sandbox build mode
- Marshal walk mode and destruction model (for some blocks)
- flag customization tool
- your marshal skill tree and equipment tool.

Coming soon

- Duels (challange stronger and stronger oponents to be ready into real battles)

important notes

- combat and siege mechanics are not implemented yet.


Building your own castle

At the beginning you’ll have a small pool of starting blocks to build your very first castle. Develop your skills in combat to earn money and experience. Money will purchase more blocks to expand your castle. Experience levels you up, opening up new block types and other building opportunities. A higher level also earns you more fame, which indicates how many blocks and items you can use to build your castle. The more fame you have, the bigger and more elegant a castle you can build. Every piece has a specific use: ballistas for defence, beds for soldiers, and plants and art to improve the morality of the castle’s occupants. As the castle’s king, it’s your duty to provide the perfect balance of defence, occupancy, and morality. From this, what will begin as a small keep will evolve into a sprawling fortification with towers, steeples, and secrets. 

  • Build your very own castle with no limit but your imagination and prestige 

  • Build a castle from scratch or choose from prebuilt castles that you can modify or defend 

  • Build according to realistic defence and physics

  • Use extensive terraforming to improve environmental defence or aesthetics of the castle 

  • Tiny details to improve the look or functionality of the castle

  • Realistic physics: if you knock out the base of a tower, the entire structure will fall

  • Choose from over 200 block types 

  • Customize your own flag

  • Customize your marshal and army loadout for defence and for offence


When fighting other players, the game’s balancing system ensures you and your opponent have similar levels, prestige, and fame. As the siege commences, the attacker deploys their marshals to the field while the defender sets up their marshals inside the castles at appropriate defence sites. As an attacker, take advantage of trebuchets and other siege equipment. As a defender, utilize your battlements and other historically accurate defence techniques. Command your marshals in battle or take first person control and engage in the fight yourself. As an attacker, eliminate the defending army or take the throne within a given time limit to win. As a defender, ensure you survive the time limit or kill off all the attackers. Battles are not just one-on-one: invite friends to help defend your castle too.

  • First person and top down combat depending on how you want to fight

  • Destruction of the castle is not permanent. Damage automatically repairs after combat 

  • Dying in battle happens. You can still fight as you’ll switch to another marshal

  • Commanders deliver real-time reports of ongoing battles 

  • Battles contain hundreds of units

  • Combat is realistic 

  • Take control of various historically accurate siege weapons

  • Capture the throne or kill off all enemies to win an assault 

  • Singleplayer combat options


From time to time we’ll publish short campaigns based on storytelling and role-playing. Some will teach players about intricate game mechanics and others will be inspired by true historical events. Campaign victories reward players with useful blocks, units, items, and other relics to improve their own castle. From the beginning, new players will have access to the tutorial campaign and one or two additional campaigns.

  • Adds engaging story elements to the game

  • Campaigns will be regularly updated, hopefully two new ones per year

  • Campaigns offer unique rewards for your castle to show off your achievements 

  • Campaigns will consist of 4-7 missions


This game is still in development. Initial Early Access release may not have all these entire feature initially implemented but we will continue adding them over time. Follow Early Access release notes to keep informed about updates and additions.


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