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Run is a project focused on creating an application for online communication between Unity Engine and Server. In order to run the application, the Mono Runtime compatibility and Run as a server application for Windows is very required.

Run is based on Unity Unet. Run uses official Net Connector for MySQL. So you the MySQL support is available.

Run is distributed as a single executable server application and .dll library with all service scripts for clients in Unity.

Safety Standards

Run uses encrypted AES system for communication between server and client. The key of AES is not distributed in network and it’s not ‘hardcoded’. It’s generated at runtime, and more! Client uses it’s own single AES key for much bigger security.

MySQL database can be used as a saving system in Run. Run supports MD5HASH verification and Bcrypt algorithm. You can use built-in library called RunSaveSystem in case of binary data saving.

The settings of the server are stored in internal drive. All server settings are stored to binary code and encrypted to the standard AES code for security reasons.

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