Structure points



I have som ideas about structure points but dont know how you do with them in later, but here is some my ideas :
1. Structure points use for Star bases from clan or solo player.
So here is my idea using structure points to build star base where clan or solo player can build it. I dont know how much you change economic of whole game, but i think for small base is 10 000 enough to build it. Another thinks, like turrets etc, i think maybe 1000 for start.
2. Structure points from scraping destroyed ships and other thinks.
When you destroy ship or find one to scrap you can take what cargo or mass on ship big parts only grap with grappler and take it to short way to nearest hangar or space station to scrap it or repair it for another ship in command. When you salvage how much you get credits or structure points from it.
Meaning : If last hit it from rocket it can destroy ship in small parts so nothing will be big part for grappler. So there will be small amout of Structure points (SP) but more credits.
If last hit can be from laser modules can be bad damaged but ship will be not destroyed. So there will be big amount of SP but less credits from modules.
3. SP in auction. If there is possible creating of auction with modules, structure points etc where playes sell in auction for others players. For big servers i mean.
Sorry for my bad english language but trying to write it simple.


Kwisatz Haderach
Staff member
those are some very interesting ideas, thanks a lot for the feedback ! Anyway, we plan to add player build starbases in the future updates and of course they will cost structure parts. You will be able to salvage structure parts from destroyed enemies, similarly to what you described. We also would like to add possibility to craft them in future mining & crafting update.


I have many ideas but my english language after not using is bad :D so i try simply write it if it possible so sorry for horrible words :D