After few minutes of playing I have some ideas how to improve the game.

- camera lock, the camera is not good. At each beginning you have the camera horizontally with the platforms and you can't see literally nothing in front of. And every death it resets.
- the pink charakters in the hints are not much visible
- more than 1 song, after 1st level it plays nothing ( I know its on early beta), I would like accompany something like synthwawe-like or indie-like soundtrack more than calm piano music
- highlited buttons in the menu
- count of deaths
- binding Escape to go backwards in the menu


Staff member
Thanks for the ideas and can you please explain this "highlited buttons in the menu" a little bit more ?
Regarding the camera, we are already working on how to improve the overall course and also prepare to save the position, fov, etc ...


First of all, I really like the visual!
I have only 4 issues so far.
- is it possible to add an "invert vertical axis" option for a mouse or a for a gamepad?
- camera is not colliding with a floor (it can go through and the camera view is blocked by the bottom side of the floor then).
- menu buttons are not being highlighted when the mouse cursor is over them. And even worse - with a gamepad, it makes the menu navigation impossible.
- maybe adding some simpler tutorial levels with fewer obstacles at the beginning of the game before players are fully familiar with controls could be really friendly.