Become our tester!

Are you a gamer or interested in technology? Do you already have some experience and desire to test new products (games, applications) and even better pass on your experience to your surroundings? Perfect! Help us expand our community and become an official tester. We will send you applications and games that you will be able to try first!

How does it work?

Send us an email to with some info about yourself, including what you've already played or tested. What is your experience from the gaming and non-gaming industry. You also have to send us your nick on the discussion forum. After that, we will reply to your email within 14 days.

After the confirmation, you will be granted access to the "tester" category on the discussion forum and assigned the title "tester".

After this "initiation" you will be invited to test new games and you will receive the keys to the completed games but also other products in the premium version as bonus.