The Szeiner s.r.o company offers professional experiences to new developers & teams who want to create software or games with passion. The main goal in this program is to give as much support and experiences as it’s possible. If you are interested in collaboration or you would like to join to our free plan, contact us


  • Product publishing via eshop
  • Advertisement on Steam Stores
  • Discussion forum via Xenforo
  • Product publishing via SSL verification on
  • Possibility to use Team Work including chat and Projects
  • Possibility to use unlimited space via SVN
  • Presentation in magazines, newspapers
  • Wiki for presentation of your product


  • Charges in Eshop

In order to advertise or sell your product on our E-SHOP, there is 5% tax. There are some additional fees called DPH in Czech Republic which is 21%.

  • When do I receive my money?

We do send money during the business days monthly in 28th to 5th day.

  • Where do I receive money?

We do send money via Paypal or via bank transaction by IBAN code.

  • Are there some fees for APP in Eshop?

No, there are no fees and it’s all free.

  • What can I sell on the Eshop?

You can sell games, applications, models, assets, tools, software. Each product must contains legal information to confirm that the product is really yours.

  • May I sell my products for FREE?

Yes, you can ‘sell’ your free products. There are no additional fees.

  • What about international advertisement?

Thanks to the published products - it’s possible to share any verified AD by Adwords and other useful contractors. We would like to share products on our store as much as it’s possible.

  • Do I receive administration rights to my own forum page?

Yes, every team receives their own rights in specific forum section.

  • What about WIKI?

Every project receives wiki from us, which will offer to all players read more about their products and projects.