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Azulgar: Star Commanders is a Sci-Fi open world sandbox game that puts you in a command of your own custom made space ship. Explore aftermath of the Azulgar event that reshaped the face of the solar system.

SITES - AZULGAR: Star Commanders


  • Procedurally Generated Locations
    All the content in the game is procedurally generated while the player explores. Wherever you go with 
    your ship, you will always find new places, Stations, Nebulas,  etc.
  • Build Your Own Ship
    You can build your own spaceship just as you wish to. There are different properties and dozens of 
    variable modules enabling you to build your perfect ship.


  • Multiplayer
  • Build Our Own Station
  • Language localization
  • New locations
  • Combat system
  • Crafting
  • AI - NPCs
  • Trading
  • Bigger class ships
  • Quests
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